Your Puppy and Your Kid: Getting Them Along

Kids and puppies have too much in common that most of the time putting them together leads to disaster. Both of them are energetic, inquisitive and very very active that’s why both also required supervision and guidance. If there is a new pup in the house and there is a kid waiting to pounce and play with it, take caution. Having control on both parties is very important to avoid any injuries and accidents. So how will you it? Here are some tips.

Babies and Puppies.

First thing to put in mind is “treat them both the same”. If you think that your puppy can hurt your child by sudden anxiety and surprise, then it is pretty much the same the other way around. Before introducing the pup to your child, make sure that the kid is ready and knows what a puppy is. Failing to do so may lead to a sudden running towards the pup, screaming and pinching the little furball off. The pup can get agitated and can hurt the child. Do this in a very calm environment where everyone is in an expecting mood. Once you survived the first meeting, the next step is to incorporate the puppy into the child’s daily activities. In this way, you kid will also learn to take responsibility of a pet and will eventually teach the value of preparedness. If your pup is around 8-10weeks of age, it is important to always keep a close eye on it because this is the crucial curiosity stage of puppyhood. He may get into trouble and destroy some household properties when not controlled. Furthermore, teach your kid how to walk, feed and bathe the pup. Allow them to play with each other and bond. Puppies are generally loving to small human beings and most of the time, they easily get along. So don’t worry so much. It is just important to calculate both the kid’s movements and the pup’s mood before letting them make contact. Both can be unpredictable that’s why never leave them together just by themselves. You can also let your child watch puppy videos on the internet to allow him to learn more about simple puppy behavior and management. Who know, you might be grooming a future Cesar Milan on the way!

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