Why Foster a Dog?

Dog fostering is different from adoption. In fostering, the dog or puppy is in your care temporarily as he waits for a family that will adopt him. These dogs usually have a special case or condition where a foster is needed for a more focused care – may it be medical, behavioral or simply the puppy is too young and needs close monitoring. A foster home is important for special canines because this will prepare them for their forever home. Fostered dogs have a higher chance of being adopted and loved by a new owner – which is the ultimate goal of shelters.

Application to be a foster parent also needs some guidelines as there are questions you need to ask yourself. This will ensure that you are ready to take on the responsibility and the dog is ensured in your hands. First of all, you must be prepared to handle a dog that needs special care. Are you ready to bring him to the vet if sudden problems arise? How much time can you allot to the dog? Are you capable of walking and exercising the dog – especially in cases of accident victims which are under therapy? Do you have the resources and schedule to accommodate grooming sessions and regular check ups? And most importantly, can you handle some mess in your house and is your temper ready to deal with a special dog?

Remember that fostering is pretty much the same as being the owner of the dog. You are responsible for all the dog’s needs for the time being he is with you. Should you decide to apply, you may be asked for references that will prove that you are legitimate for the job. If you are chosen, make sure to maintain a safe level of attachment to your adopted dog as you might have to give him up anytime. However, don’t be too sad, most of the time, foster parents end up deciding to adopt the dog and take care of him forever. It’s all up to you – what you can offer and how the dog will get better on your care. Try to apply. Surely, it will be a very fulfilling experience for your pet lover heart.

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