What to do with a stray dog?

Having a heart for the unfortunate is something innate in us humans. But when it comes to pooches needing our help, our compassion can be doubled as we know that these animals won’t be able to make it without our help. Stumbling upon a lost dog is surprising and confusing at the same time. You would want to help the poor animal, but the next thing that comes to mind is “What should I do?” There are three things that you should consider when dealing with a stray dog: you safety, the dog’s safety and the safety of the people around you.

First, assess the environment where you found the dog. If you are on the freeway, do not suddenly hit the brakes as this can scare the animal and can even lead to accidents. Should you see the dog on the street of a residential area, it is okay to stop and see whether the animal is friendly enough to get approached. If you feel like the dog might run away when you come nearer, then it is time to call animal control. Do not leave the dog or let it out of your sight until the officials arrive. However, if the dog confidently approaches you, this shows that it is trusting and you might actually try to touch it and keep it. If you are able to get hold of the dog, bring it as soon as possible to a veterinarian. Although, be advised that you will be responsible for the vet and medical fees. Should you decide to adopt the dog, call the nearest animal shelter and ask for advice. However, be prepared that at some point, the owner might show up and get the dog back. There is a specific waiting time and requirements when deciding to adopt a stray dog. Just always remember that you should do your best in helping the owner (if there is) find his or her dog again. If you are the owner of a lost dog, you would surely want someone to return the dog to you. For such reason, is it just fitting that you do your part in helping the owner and the dog. But if the dog is really for you, then fate will surely find a way. Just promise to take care of the little one for all of his days. Be a blessing. Show compassion and love animals.

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