Walking Your Dog on Snow

Wintertime is probably one of the challenging situations for you and your dog. Unless you have a breed suited for this type of weather, problems will be minimal. But if you have a dog with a shot coat and thin skin, then it pays to be prepared for the cold. The sub zero temperature does not only affect you but can also has a tremendous stress on your dog. To be able to help him survive his dose of exercise and daily walk, here are some tips to ease the burden of you and your dog’s snow bonding.

Walking Dogs In Snow

The feet are very important to be protected during the cold. If we get frost bites, then the feet of dogs can also freeze. Before and after walking, you can apply petroleum jelly on the paw pads and in between the digits to coat the heat on the skin and prevent drying and cracking. Also, make sure that the nails are trimmed because long nails won’t help your dog balance on slippery trails and sidewalks. Remember that ice and water are very greasy and additional pointed nails on them won’t make the job easier for a walking dog. To lessen the walking time and increase the energy expenditure of your dog, you can place loaded backpacks on them. Some dogs cannot tolerate more than 15 minutes in the snow, and doing so can minimize his exposure to the cold. You can also use a special leash that will prevent your pet into pulling you off to nowhere – making it safe for the both of you. The pack leader collar is specially designed for such situations and will be of great help to avoid accidents during walking. Last and definitely the most important is yourself. Do not get too mindful of walking your dog and following his schedule that you will still go on a battle with extreme and dangerous sub zero temperatures. Prioritize your safety first before dragging your dog into the cold. Should you feel that it is too risky for the walk, by all means, DO NOT go out and walk your dog. Do not put yourself in trouble and bring along your sweet, lovely dog into it.

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