Walking A New Puppy

Having a puppy is like having a kid to take care of. These little beings are lively, energetic and playful that they would always prefer to run around, jump, chew on things or simply just place a lot of kisses on your face. Yes, they can get irritating at times; but having one around is a very fulfilling and fun experience. One of the critical periods of training a puppy is when it is time to give him a walk. Exercise is a vital part of your responsibility and your pup should have a daily walk around the neighborhood. But how will you teach your new puppy to behave and follow you as you do your walks together? Here are some tips.

Walking A Puppy
Start with the collar and leash. For the collar, place it on your puppy and see if he is comfortable with bit. Nowadays, body harnesses are more preferred since they do not constrict the neck region that may help induce tracheal collapse when the dog gets old. Harness or collar, the dog must be at eased and relaxed while wearing it. Should you encounter problems such as chewing or scratching, offer him treats or distraction. Repeat the process to let him know that you want him to wear it and that he will receive a reward with it. Next, attach the leash and walk him inside the house, preferably in his most comfortable part of the house. Offer treats along the way when he walks with you for the first few times. But when your pup is hesitating and tries to pull you, turn around and walk to the opposite direction. This way, your pup will realize what you want him to do. Some pups will just sit and stare at their owner – for these cases, try to nudge him to sit up and wall. And again, offer a reward for every good behavior. Once everything is set, the last thing to check is your pup’s vaccination record. Rabies shots are not given until three months of age and the pup might still need some shots until 16 weeks old – so better check to know that he has already completed the booster shots before allowing your pup to roam and walk around outside the house.

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