Update on Tuna (aka, Phteven), the overbite dog

Last year we reported to you on Tuna, the UK-based chihuahua-dachshund mix (aka, “chiweenie”) with a unique look. Tuna’s endearing overbite gives him a comical expression that has won him fans from around the world. To be blunt, people love his goofy look.

phsteven meme        funny-picture-phteven-phelfie

Tuna became the star of an internet meme that started with a misspelling of the name “Stephen” by a fast food employee. The meme seems to have first been posted on Reddit.com.

The internet went crazy illustrating images of Tuna with phrases that suggested a heavy lisp. Tuna enjoyed all kinds of media exposure, including appearing on American morning talk show “Today.”

phteven phleeping

Tuna is currently 4 years old and is still living the good life, basking in the adoration of his fans. His owner made a book of his exploits and frequently posts pictures of him on Instagram, which has a following of over 1 million.

Tuna inspires us all to take our most unique attributes and turn them into our strengths. We will check in again with Tuna in the future to see how his fame has affected his life.

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