Tips on Pet Photography

Pets are not an easy target for a photo. They are always on the move and usually, good shots are just instantaneous and difficult to capture. Our dogs may be the thing we find cutest in this world, and as proud owners, we want to share their cuteness with the world – especially nowadays where everyone is hooked onto the online social media craze. Before starting on a photo shoot with your pooch, there are things you might want to check and consider that will surely help you in producing quality images worth to put on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Pet Photography

Firstly, know the personality of your pet and make sure to capture this. If your furry love is a bit laidback or wants to jump up and down most of the time, place him or her in a setting where this personality will surely show. This will give you a memorable shot that you can always remember your pet for. Do not overdo the background – keep it simple and comfortable. Go for the garden, the couch, the bath tub, the park, or any area where your pet is familiar and will not get distracted. Furthermore, it is best to use a zooming lens. As your pet moves around his happy place, a good zooming lens will capture the animal’s expression and natural behavior which is the major thing that will make a fine picture. Get to the angle – pretend that you are a dog and snoop down to his world so you will have a wider perspective and variety of shots. Use natural lighting as much as possible and always aim for candid shots. Avoid using flash because animals get scared when a sudden light pops out of nowhere and this also produces a glowing eye where the animal’s ocular “tapetum” reflects the flash. Aside from stressing you pet, this won’t give you a chance to capture a sincere moment and expression. You can set you camera mode into burst, shutter sped or sports where there will be less movement and blur, and you will surely catch a good perspective.

Collect every good shot and keep it in a scrapbook. In this way, aside from showing off your cute canine to the world, you have something to treasure and look back on the years to come. Our pets may not stay with us forever; but having a preservation of their memory will always keep them close to our hearts.

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