Three Unbelievably Loyal Dogs

Many dogs are loyal to their owners but now and then they go above and beyond. This is the tale of three such dogs. Dogs who’s devotion was so great that they have become the immortalized with statues and have movies made about them.


Greyfriar’s Bobby

greyfriars_bobbyGreyfriar’s Bobby was a Skye Terrier owned by a man named John Gray in the 1850’s. John was a police constable in Edinburgh and when all constables were required to have a guard dog. Bobby was so loyal that after John died in 1858, the little terrier stood watch over his grave until his own passing 14 years later. Bobby became a local celebrity and would leave his post once a day at 1:00 to be fed by his admirers. There is a statue of Bobby near John’s grave and his life story was made into a Disney movie in 1961.




HachikoHachiko was a Japanese Akita that lived in Tokyo during the 1930’s. His owner was a professor and each day Hachiko would walk to the train station to greet him on his way back from work. Hachiko’s owner died of a heart attack while at work one day and for the next nine years he would return to the train station in hope that he would return. After his death a bronze statue of Hachiko was erected at the train station where vigilantly waited on his owner to return.




fido_statueFido was so famous in his life that his name became the generic for all dogs. He was a terrier that was rescued from the streets in Italy during WWII and nursed back to health. Everyday Fido would rush to the local bus stop to greet his owner as he returned from work. This was at the height of the war in Europe, and one day his owner was killed when the factory he worked at was bombed. For the next fourteen years Fido would faithfully wait on his owner to get off the bus and leave disappointed. Even though he became famous and received a lot of attention, he never forgot about the person that had saved him from the streets years before.

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