Three Poodle Suspects, Who is guilty?

Part of being paw-rents is to discipline our dogs and train them to behave and not destroy anything in our households. Although it is a fact that there is no squeaky clean pup or dog that will never mess with your carpets or wooden furniture, it is still best to teach our dogs the do’s and don’ts of the pack leader. In this hilarious video that stars three smart poodles, the owner is trying to find out who made the muddle in the house. The trio is trying their best to put on a poker face to avoid any conflict with anyone; but apparently, dogs are kind natured and the guilty one revealed himself – in the most amusing way.

One afternoon, Mr. Houseowner found an untidy spot in the house that can only be caused by a creature that walks on four legs, fluffy and barks. There are three possible suspects in the house namely, Cody, Murphy and Meg. The way these furballs look at the camera clearly shows they know who is at fault. But it seems like a natural loyalty instinct to look at the guilty the moment the owner asked who made the mess. Murphy and Meg instinctively looked at Cody as if putting all the blame on the white dog. As the owner kept on asking the same question to each one of them, Cody’s face started to look smug and guilt-struck – and it is definitely very cute! Eventually, when things started to sink in, Cody just walked backwards with his head down low and his tail pulled between his legs. And now we know, who is the guilty out of these three stooges.
Primary emotions such as hunger and thirst are common among all living things. It is just in our nature to look for food in order to survive. Secondary emotions that include anger, jealousy and guilt are only exhibited by animals with a higher cognitive development. Dogs, on the other hand seem to have this ability as clearly seen in this video. They can read emotions and can feel blame on themselves. There are still a lot studies going on to scientifically prove that dogs are capable of secondary emotions; but most pet owners believe that it is already a stated fact.

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