Smartest Beagle Ever

Super smart beagle manages to get into hot oven while the owner is not at home.

Do you have any idea what happens when you leave your pets at home? You may leave them with some toys and a pile of food and water. However, dogs also get bored. They walk around and look for something that might interest them. If this boredom is not addressed by the owner by giving more activities, a dog can develop stereotypic behavior such as self mutilation of its own skin or destructive patterns that can break your furniture. Fortunately, this clever beagle, Lucy found some other way to satisfy her boredom and hungry tummy.

This video was recorded when Lucy’s owners went out of the house. They probably had an idea what Lucy is capable of that’s why they captured her on tape. Video starts where Lucy is seen cheerfully walking around the kitchen; but don’t get fooled! Even though Lucy may look as unassuming as an angel, she is in for a plan. This furry dog knows how to jump onto the table and look for some snacks. When it seemed like there was nothing to munch on, she went down and continued her search. Beagles are known as scent hounds because they have an impeccable skill in hunting and tracking. Compared to other dogs, these beagles are gifted with more powerful and sensitive sniffs. Beagles are actually described as “noses that have feet” because their noses are always seen on the ground. They are actually the best dogs to train for search and rescue operations; however, we commonly see large breed dogs in malls and in explosive detection because they are more physically equipped for operations.

And then suddenly, the oven sounded. Looking expectant, Lucy again circled the kitchen and no one would guess what she has in mind. The oven is way way over the top of the counter and Lucy can only climb the nearby chair. But she has another problem: There was no chair near the counter because all the chairs were arranged on the dining table. What would Lucy do? Will she be able to finish her mission? Or will she just have to wait around for her owners to return. Find out!

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