Signs of an Anti-Social Dog

Canines are naturally social creatures. Humans love them for this trait and that makes them the best pets. However, there are cases when a dog doesn’t do well in socialization settings. Whether it is with you as the owner or with other guests in the house, it is important that you inform yourself of the signs of dog behavior issues. Most owners don’t have an idea that they have a socially challenged dog because we perceive these actions as normal and sometimes even call them sweet. Here are the signs to know:
Anti-social canines do not respect personal space – a concept vital to the dog world. If your dog suddenly lunges and jumps on you, nudges and pushes you for food, then you have a dog that is not trained to behave properly. This is caused by the lack of rules by the owner where the dog feels he is free to do whatever he wants. Puppies are trained by dams to respect personal space and hierarchy in the litter. If this is not continued by the owner, it results to a disrespectful dog. Too much excitement where the dog jumps up and down, runs in circles and hopping from one couch to another is also a sign of an anti-social dog. This means that the dog doesn’t have an avenue where he can express his energy and excitement. You may need to exercise this dog where he can give off all the overflowing energy in his body and when you observe over-excitement, just ignore the behavior until it stops. Furthermore, dogs that pull you during walk are not normal. This means that they don’t see you as the leader of the pack that’s why he walks ahead of you. You may need to assert yourself more for this case. On the offensive side of anti-socialism, dogs that hide from strangers and have a tendency to shy away are also not normal. You may need to make your dog feel more comfortable through gradual trust training. It may be difficult, but perseverance and hard work the end result will surely help your dog adjust to the rules of the canine world.

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