Shih Tzu Thinks He is A Cat

Even if dogs are very unique creatures, they have the ability to adapt to their environment and this is what separates them from many domesticated animals. Also, this special talent allows them to work and live with us without any major adjustment. They possess the need to belong and they will do anything just to fit in.

This fact is given when our pet dogs experience our humanly ways and fit themselves into those; however, when a dog has grown with a cat around as his bestfriend, interesting things can happen. Imagine a dog behaving like a cat – spotlessly gliding along the carpeted floor in very cautious and quiet steps as if waiting to pounce on a mouse.

This is Buddy, your friendly neighborhood Shih Tzu. He is cute and he knows it. Just like any other Shih Tzu, Buddy has the fluffy face, cute little eyes and the sweetest personality every pet owner wants to have in a dog. But Buddy has an extra talent apart from his charms; this dog knows how to creep walk – very much like a cat. Though Buddy was never exposed to feline company, he seems to have an innate ability to walk as slow and steady as a cat – one thing that dogs rarely do. Watch this video and get amazed by Buddy’s unusual and extraordinary behavior. Actually, when you see Buddy do his creep walking, you might think that he is a cat stuck inside a fluffy Shih Tzu’s body. There is nothing wrong with Buddy – in a behavioral aspect. Dogs can learn this behavior even if a cat is not around to teach them. You can actually train your pooches creep walking through positive reinforcement; however, since dogs are not used to doing this, you might need to stock up on patience – especially when you have a Shih Tzu because most of these dogs are stubborn in training.

A short video that will give you a one minute of fascination and Shih Tzu charm, hit play and enjoy Buddy – when he thinks he is a cat.

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