Shih Tzu Puts Shapes In Shape Sorter

Shape sorters are toys usually played by toddlers to help them differentiate the different shapes at an early age. This may seem like play to them but this game will prepare their intellect when they eventually start daycare and school.

Parents are very proud when they see their children learning the ability to recognize and distinguish the shapes – as one of the basic skills of human existence; but have you ever thought of a dog being able to do the same? Cooper, the wonder Shih Tzu who has a whole website dedicated to his special talents will prove you that these little pooches are more than just cute faces. They are one of the smartest and talented dogs which are capable of skill that their owners can also be proud of.
In this video, Cooper is seen playing with a square, circle, hexagon, triangle, flower and heart shapes which are made of rubber according to his owner. It is best to use rubber as a material for shape sorters played by dogs as these are easily carried by dog using their mouths compared to plastic ones. Though it took a while and consistent training before Cooper was able to exceptionally put the proper shapes in their places, this only proves that dogs are creatures with intellect. Check out Cooper’s funny expression after he gets each shape right! It is such an adorable look that will get you smiling and laughing. Watch and be amazed!

3 Responses to Shih Tzu Puts Shapes In Shape Sorter

  1. Wow, that is one smart dog. Doing better than a lot of children haha

  2. Priscilla says:

    very clever

  3. Amy says:

    Sweet little smart dog you desire a steak keep up the awesome work !

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