Scout and his Stable Snout

Dogs are gifted creatures. They can perform a lot of tasks and can be trained show off tricks that we, pet owners and they enjoy. There are a lot of impressing antics over the internet of dogs which are given orders to do so. No one can blame their owners because aside from amazement, these dogs get the distinction and the owners get fulfillment that cannot be bought by any amount of money. Another dog which has a certain talent – quite rare this time, is Scout.

Scout is a big and chunky Pit Bull. Don’t let his massive body and ferocious-looking face scare you because in the inside, Scout is just one of those canines who just want to put a smile on your face. This dog’s talent isn’t something that involves a lot of actions and tricks. Actually, Scout’s talent is simply sitting down and balancing everything that his owner puts on his head – deer antlers, huge wheels of brie, wigs, large biscuits, and strawberries. Though it may seem like a passive flair, but if you get to see Scout and all his photos with different things of all sizes on his head, you will surely enjoy. According to Scout’s owner, Jen Gillen, she decided to capture and post Scout’s unique capabilities on the internet to show awareness that Pit Bulls are nice and gentle dogs that also have the ability to make us swoon with their kind faces. Toronto, Canada has a breed specific legislation against Pit Bulls that requires these dogs to wear a muzzle every time they go out of the house. Through Scout, as Jen asserts, people will realize that Pit Bulls should be given the same rights as any other dog and that they are only labeled aggressive by the society due to dog fighting. Pits are nice, kind and sweet dogs which only love to play and snooze.

Scout Head
Scout has a book coming out. This is a collection of all his funny photos as he balances various objects on his humongous but endearing head. Follow Scout’s Facebook page on “Stuffonscoutshead” and check out his book in Amazon entitled “Lessons in Balance: A Dog’s Reflections on Life”.

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