Why Routine Exercise Is Essential For Your Dog

Like humans, routine exercise is also essential for your dog, so that wellness and health are maintained. The following are the benefits that your doggie can get by exercising.


(a) Exercise helps in controlling your dog’s weight, thus improving the quality of life. Physical activity is necessary so that your pet can maintain a healthy body weight, bone strength and toned muscles. Pet mood also gets improved by exercising.


(b) Exercise is a great activity to strengthen the bond between you and your dog. If you spend your time exercising together, it is not only your bodies that benefit, but also your relationship. When you exercise together, you are sharing a mutually enjoyable activity, you relax together and you also may begin or end your day happily.


(c) Exercise helps your dog to overcome behavioral problems resulting from boredom. Dogs are high energy by nature. When pent up energy is not released through exercising, you may face some behavioral problems such as digging, chewing on anything, excessive barking or howling and more.


(d) Exercise allows your dog to learn to socialize. Dogs are delightful to own because of their extremely friendly and social nature. Walking the dog at public places will give them the opportunity to interact with other dogs and humans as well.


(e) Exercise helps build confidence and trust. Some dogs are naturally timid, others are fearful. When you walk them to exercise or run around playfully, they may gradually develop their confidence on people and dogs that they just met. They can also overcome their fear of new experiences.


Before you start an exercise program for your doggie, it’s best to consult first with your veterinarian. He will conduct a check up to find if your dog has health issues, which can become more serious through exercise; and maybe a short run around or a-not-so-brisk walk will be appropriate for him.

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