Paisley and Her New Family

This is probably one of the most adorable videos of a puppy meeting her new family for the first time. The very excited owner spent all her birthday money and savings just to get Paisley as her pet. The family is seen very excited to meet Paisley and take her home on her first day. They were greeted with Paisley’s sibling and mother in the breeder’s home with their fluffy faces and wagging tails that will surely endear any pet lover’s heart.
Paisley is eventually taken home and seen sleeping on her back on her new owner’s bed. She already had her check up – which is one of the priorities in getting a new pet, and got her initial vaccinations. During this stage, stress is a no no to any newly acquired puppy. Also, supplements are required to boost the immune system of the puppy during the period of adjustment as the puppy is not expected to have a full appetite for a few days. Paisley, however, seems to be really comfortable in her new home and family. The love and affection for the new canine addition to the household is felt all throughout this video. Paisley is very lucky to have been given to a home where she will be showered with tender loving care.

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