Lost Dog Travels the East Coast

Losing a dog is probably one of the saddest heartbreaks – whether it was due to a medical condition or simply losing him from your backyard. These are creatures we treat as family. We shower them with care, affection and love. May I even mention the cost of keeping a pet and investment in his medical care and needs? A pet suddenly goes missing can drive you crazy. You will surely wonder about his whereabouts, if he can survive on his own, or if maybe he was stolen by one of your neighbors. God forbid that he may not stumble upon a freeway and get hit by cars on the fast lane.

Nika Lost Dog

Success stories of finding lost pets are not so common yet they do happen. A combination of extreme luck and perseverance both from the owner and the pet is the formula to finding the right way to return to each other’s arms. It is not only humans who have the ability to look for their pet. Our dogs are also equipped, if not better to finding their way home. They have a powerful sense of smell which they use to associate with everything they stumble upon. They can use this to track you or look for food and an owner who might be willing lend a hand to them. This is exactly the case of Nika, a toy fox terrier which was lost in New York and was found in Florida two years after. How did she do it? We don’t know. She may have walked, traveled with somebody or hitchhiked with a truck. She was taken in by Marion County Animal Services which scanned her microchip and contacted her owner, Giuseppe DiBella. According to Giuseppe, he tried everything – posting pictures, asking friends to search his neighborhood and contacting nearby animal shelters; but it seemed like Nika will not return anymore. Lucky enough, he will soon be reuniting with Nika on this year’s Thanksgiving. The fox terrier is now staying with Giuseppe’s friend for the mean time. Surely, Mr. DiBella will have one more thing to be grateful for this Thanksgiving – his reunion with his dearly beloved pooch.

Source: Lifewithdogs.tv

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