Lemon, the Ultimate Farm Dog

Dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason. We get along with them so well that sometimes having a dog to be with is as satisfying as having a partner in life. They make feel less lonely while being accepted and loved at the same time. Creatures that will never judge us and has an amazing capability to be trained for our use and lessen our burden, that’s what dogs are. Russian army dog trainer Alexander Matitsyn has realized this canine special gift long ago. He may have made a career out of it, but where he put his talents on after retirement will surely leave you astonished. Lemon Farmer

This is Lemon, Alexander’s buddy on his farm in Omsk, Oblast in Russia. The two live harmoniously together and Alexander seems happy having Lemon to tag along on his daily chores. Lemon, on the other hand is just as thrilled. When you have a good working relationship with a Giant Schnauzer – also known as Riesenschnauzer, it is best to maximize this dog’s intelligence and skills. And this what Alexander exactly did. He trained Lemon to help him out on his little farm and act as his third arm. It all started during the bucket carrying task wherein Lemon was asked to carry an empty bucket to the water pump since the farm doesn’t have its own water source. According to Alexander, it didn’t take a long time before Lemon got it all figured out and he was able to carry the bucket on his own. He can not only carry the bucket, but Lemon can also hook it into the pump and refill it as he stands on the lever to keep the water flowing. Such a smart dog! Alexander is such lucky owner. Not only can Lemon refill a water bucket, but he can also plow the soil – take note: in a straight line. Though it isn’t common to imagine a dog – standing on his two hind legs and goes around plowing the ground, it is definitely an impressive thing to see; and Lemon has just proven that it can be done.

Lemon Farmer

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