John Legend Serenades A Dog Wedding

When you’ve got a singer for an owner, you surely are in for some croon-y song treats. These two bulldogs, Puddy and Pippa were given the ultimate treat by their award winning Grammy owner, no other than Mr. John Legend himself. To promote a charity event, John made a video with his supermodel wife Chrissy Teigen that stars their two pooches. John’s advocacy is to gather funds for the rebuilding of school auditorium in Springfield, Ohio, his hometown.

It is quite impossible not to hear about Legend’s “All of Me” as this song has been topping billboard charts since last year. Aside from being a worldwide anthem, this is also the same song used in this very adorable video – only it is dedicated to a wedding of two dogs. John sings the song with all of his heart and soul (just wlike what his song tells us) as he serenades the two love dogs – starting off with a voice over that defines love and friendship. Looking very much in character, Puppy and Pippa are all smiles as they paraded the petal and confetti covered catwalk. And ofcourse to complete the whole look, these two furballs are wearing a wedding gown and a black coat, matched with a tiara and a gentleman’s hat.


There are even cakes, balloons, photobooth and some stainless bowl to cater the canine couple’s cravings. The music video looks like a same-day-edit real wedding video – complete with all sweet and dreamy feel. Only when Chrissy walked in, in a tank top and holding a paperbag of groceries when John’s singing has been pulled back to reality. Charmingly funny, Chrissy decided to change clothes and join in the fun. We could only wish to have a Grammy winner as our owner – so we could also get serenaded and hav our own major role in a music video – all for free! Let us support John’s cause because when you donate $10, John Legend can actually come by and sing for you live in the wedding of your dreams!

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