Jax The Sassy Shih Tzu Puppy

The size of Shih Tzu’s has been an advantage to these cute little pooches as they can be easily carried along by their human owners. They may be tiny; but in terms of showing off their character, they are loaded with a huge and various kinds of personalities. Attention seekers and people pleasers who wants nothing more than being with a human, this miniature dog is the total package in terms of cuteness and charm.

This is Jax, an adorable little Shih Tzu pup who never gets tired of playing with Abba, the other Shih tzu in the household. Though Abba may not always want to play with Jax, little Jax is very much determined to get Abba’s attention no matter how long and what it takes – which turned into a very cute situation captured on this video. Jax is seen barking and growling at Abba which seemed not to mind him. As she shrugs off strong willed baby Jax, Abba just focuses on their owner who eventually had to command Jax to keep quiet. Though Jax stopped his loud howls, his determination did not wane as he kept on putting on a cute face and soliciting attitude towards the owner and Abba.

Enjoy this video and don’t forget to watch little Jax’s puppy dog eyes and head twirling gestures. This pup will surely put a smile on your face.

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  1. I am wanting toadopt . a shihtuz . My shih tuz passed away in march. I mis him so much. I live in Winston Saem NC. I have had no luck finding another friend. Anyone knowing where I can get one in my area plase e-mail and let me know where I can adopt one. Thank You, Sandy Michael

    • Anonymous says:

      you may want to check angelbabyshihtzus.com – they will ship you the pup… I got my shihtzu from there and we love her ! Good luck

    • Libby Lewis says:

      Go to Ebay Classifieds, look under pets for sale. You can put in the breed you want, your location & it finds those listed. There are a number of long standing breeders in North Carolina who don’t charge a fortune & most will meet you half-way if they do not live close by. I am a Shih-Tzu lover & feel deeply for your loss!

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