Dog Always Thirsty?

Normal water intake of animals is dependent on their body weight and size. For dogs, there is a wide range for their normal intake; but generally, it is 10% of their body weight. Usually, a 10 lbs dog would need a cup of water daily. The owner is the best person to identify if his or her pet are dealing with overthirst. You will observe a notable increase in your dog’s trips to the water bowl and he seems to drink the water nonstop. However, you must also check if there is a change in lifestyle of your dog or if he is given medications that can cause increase in urination, therefore also an increase in water intake.
Summertime will normally make your dog want more water. The increase heat especially after his daily walk and exercise will cause him to pant heavily leading to high moisture loss. Since the body needs a certain amount of water for its normal metabolic functions, the thirst center of the rain signals the dog to look for water and drink more. On the other hand, if you dog is harboring a disease such as a liver problem, kidney disease, Cushing syndrome (increase in the antidiuretic hormone), and diabetes. Clinical signs such as fever, diarrhea and vomiting will also induce the body to need more water due to loss of electrolytes and evaporation as in the case of fever. Prednisone – an anti-inflammatory, furosemide – congestive heart failure treatment, and pentobarbital – a sedative and seizure treatment are drugs that affect water absorption. Food that are rich in sodium also causes increase water intake since sodium or salt attracts water molecules dehydrating cells in the body. Further water is needed to neutralize this effect. Moreover, dry diets such as low quality dog food which are only 5-10% water also causes polydypsia, the medical term for overthirst.
For all the noted causes, it is best to consult a veterinarian to know the culprit behind overthirst in dogs. Your vet will run a series of tests and surely, he or she will be able to diagnose the cause. A blood exam is usually done and if confirmatory tests are needed, kidney and liver enzymes and some hormonal count tests will be done.

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