Human Actions That Drive Dogs Crazy

This may surprise you. There are things we actually and usually do that drive our dogs into confusion. Here is the list of No No’s you might want to refrain from doing to keep your pooch from going nuts:

1.Keeping your dog on a tight leash. This is never a good way to restrain your dog. A tight leash even shortens patience and the dog will have tendency to feel worried and tensed up that may lead into a bite. A loose leash will let the dog know that everything is fine and he can carry on his walk worry free and calmly.

2.Tension and Boredom Remember that your dog is your mirror. When you deal with him with tension or nothing to do, he will absorb this attitude and eventually he might form an unfavorable personality.

3. Talking talking talking! Use your body language more than words. Dogs are not talking species like us that’s why we need to focus more on sending signals through movements rather than just talk and tell them what to do. The inconsistency usually confuses dogs so be steady and only incorporate words on actions – the basis of your communication.

4.Hugs. Dogs don’t like hugs. This is an invasion of their personal space and a threat to their authority. They rather being touched and rubbed on the back than getting a squeeze from humans. Nice dogs only put up with their owners because they love their human. That’s just it.

5.Walks without freedom. During walks and exercise, allow your dog to smell and sniff around. They would love this! Remember that their eyes are their noses and being allowed to wander is the same as getting a free day at the mall for us.

6.No concrete rules. It all boils down to this. We always confuse our dogs by not setting a structure of rules. They do not know what are the real do’s and don’ts as we just let them do anything and then suddenly we get mad at them. This species love uniformity and commands and for a good working relationship, we must understand this and give this to them.

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