How To Train Your Dog!

Humans and dogs are very different animals. Dogs are adored by people for their charismatic nature, exuberance and loyalty. Some people can’t imagine their lives without a dog. But if you do not train your dog well, it’ll be very difficult for the both of you to live together in harmony. Hence it is very important to train your dog. Dogs are ‘Man’s best friends’, but they have some irksome behavior like digging, chewing and barking. To have a balanced relationship between you and your dog, you need to train him with some important skills; otherwise he’ll find it difficult to live in your household.

  • The first and foremost thing is, you should introduce your dog to training. You yourself should study your dog’s behavior and learn when to give him breaks and when to reward him.


  • Find a good dog obedience class for your dog. Do some research on the internet to find one, find one which is good as well as close to where you stay? It’ll be a worthwhile investment, if you do so.


  • Potty training your dog is important. You should teach him when to eliminate waste and when to control it, things like he shouldn’t be doing it inside the house etc.


  • It’s always advisable to take your puppy for a walk on the leash, as it’ll save him from unknown attacks from other dogs and you can control him better. But in order to do this effectively, there are some leash training tricks available, you can ask your dog trainer about it and also find an appropriate leash for your dog. If the leash is uncomfortable, your dog will be uncomfortable too.


  • You should teach your dog how to overcome thunder phobias. Summer-time is fun, but not for your dog if he suffers from thunder phobia. You can help him to slowly overcome this problem by introducing him to different sounds by playing a sound compact disk (CD). Do not ever make the mistake of taking him to a summertime parade without making him accustomed to different kinds of sounds, as he’ll be scared to death.

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