How to teach a dog to sit?

When a dog knows how to perform basic commands such as sit, come, stay, and down, it is always a joy in every pet owner’s eyes. To show off? Maybe. But the main thing that an obedient dog shows is the ability to follow his owner because of the trust and loyalty formed between them. This is amazing, isn’t it? You too, can teach your dog how to perform basic commands. For a starter, it is best to begin with the “sit” command as this is is one of the easiest and most common tricks for dogs.

Teach a Dog to Sit
Before commencing into the tutorial session, make sure that you know your dog very well and there is already a bond between the two of you. If you just got your dog from the breeder or shelter, allow time to set in before you start training. For the first step, stock some treats in your kitchen because these are your fuel during the training. Without rewards, it is very difficult to catch a dog’s attention and making it follow you. Second, see if your dog is fit – healthy, active and enthusiastic to have a bonding session with you. Any health or behavioral issue should be addressed first because if your dog has some problems, training might not be successful. Start training by using a calm-assertive energy as you use one word commands such as “Sit!” and “No!”. Remember to always make the dog keep wanting more treats and avoid overstimulation by awarding him for every right behavior he shows. Training is all about patience, repetition and reward. Always keep these three things in mind. A thirty minute session daily would be enough for your dog and hold his attention. You can also try to command him to sit everytime he goes near you for a greeting or a belly rub. There are some dogs who don’t respond to treats and this is okay. You can try giving him his favorite pet toy, a kiss, praises, petting or a tummy rub. Whatever works and he prefers, it doesn’t really matter for as long as you send him a message of affirmation. Just don’t overdo the affection and make sure that he gets a 1:1 reaction from you – good behavior is equal to one reward. Goodluck!

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