How to Pick The Healthiest Puppy

One of the most common questions during scouting for the perfect pet is “What is the healthiest dog breed?” Honestly, no one – even Cesar Millan himself, cannot give a definite answer to that question. Health cannot be fully equated with genetics alone because there are a lot of factors that come to interplay when assessing a dog’s lifespan and anatomical sturdiness. All dogs can be healthy – regarless of their breed. There are, however, breeds that are more prone to develop genetic diseases and if one of your options belongs to this list, you should know what to expect and how to prepare for it.

Generally, mutts have the “healthier” stamina compared to purebreds. Have you ever noticed that there seems to be an unexplainable fighting spirit of the health of mixed breeds? Or that you have seen more medical issues with purebreds than the mutts? This can all be explained by hybrid vigor – a concept that involves the expression of superior qualities more than the recessive genes. Genetics of mixed breeds take advantage of this concept thus leading to a stronger individual. They may not look as cute as the pure one, but they can definitely boast of their immune system and anatomical strength. There are also breeds that we call intentional mixes. These are basically cross breeds of purebred parents that lead to dogs named Pomsky, Puggles, Maltipoos and Labradoodles. Geneticists and breeders intentionally mix the breeds, again, to take advantage of hybrid vigor and hide the genetically linked health problems of the pure breds. You may also want to check these mixes and include them in your options; however, keep in mind that they come with a price. Since they are still considered unique and one-of-a-kind, there are not so many pups available for selling – leading to an expensive price. But you must remember that the most important thing in choosing a breed is the one that fits your personality, preferences and lifestyle. Different breeds have their own distinct characteristics and you must try to compare and contrast each one. What is the purpose of choosing a puppy, no matter how healthy, when the owner ends up neglecting its care and needs? Thorough research can get you through this very well. Good luck!

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