How To Avoid Puppy Mills

Puppy mills are breeding facilities which sole purpose is to breed and breed and breed without focusing on the nutrition and welfare of the dams and puppies. Mostly, puppies produced have compromised health and such eventually leads to further problems that cost the owner hundreds or thousands of dollars. When adopting or buying a puppy, make sure that the puppy came from a healthy environment and given proper nutrition, de-worming and first few vaccination shots. It is best to see and inspect the breeder’s home and facilities to make sure that it is clean and it provides a conducive environment for breeding. Do not get puppies from breeders who are hesitant to show you their home and are quite reluctant to show you proof of the puppy’s health.

To avoid getting fooled, it is best to avoid buying from pet stores and newspaper advertisements that only cater meet ups upon purchase of the puppy. Ask the breeder questions that can prove his valid claims on the pup – especially on the breed and health. Do not immediately close the deal without fully inspecting the puppy. Check the hair coat, skin condition and color of gums – they should be moist and pinkish. Check the lymph nodes on the neck and inguinal area – they must not be swollen and painful. And for the overall condition, the pup must be playful, alert and active. Should there be otherwise signs, do not get the puppy.

Making sure that your pet comes from a reputable source will not only benefit the pup’s health. It will also save you time and money as this will avoid problems in the future. Puppy mills are now being eradicated and their operations are stopped to control the production of substandard canines. Apart from a business point of view, pet sellers should also take the animal’s health and welfare into consideration. As an advice, it is best to get pups from animal shelters and rescue centers as they ensure the quality of the dogs and pups they put on adoption. As Cesar Millan says, remember “not to adopt out of pity. Adopt based on your energy level and compatibility”.


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