How Pet Health Insurance Works

Pet healthcare cost is not a joke. Pet owners are usually taken over by surprise when the bill comes in – especially in cases of sudden and emergency surgeries. Add also the fact that the veterinary medicine diagnostic tests such as radiology, ultrasound and hormone assay tests are getting advanced each year and these entail expensive fees. A dog that just swallowed a corn cub and gone through surgery can give out a medical bill of $3600! Imagine how much more will it cost for hip replacements, prosthetics, physical therapy and chemotherapy. These figures can drive an owner crazy.

Getting a pet insurance will give an owner a peace of mind that whatever happens, bulk of the bill is shouldered. It gives owners freedom and confidence to choose the best treatment for their pet and not sacrificing the health for financial constraints. Sudden medical expenses, together with wellness care such as vaccinations and deworming are covered by pet insurance plans. It is best to start searching for a good pet plan once you get your pet to be able to maximize the benefit of this service. However, take note that pre-existing illnesses, genetic conditions, parasite treatment, dental care and purchase price (if ever the dog won’t make it) are not usually covered. Pet owners can choose from different coverage plans which are paid from $15 to $75 monthly and can cover less than $2000, $2000 to $3000, $3000 to $5000, and unlimited cost of medical expenses. Most of the time, pet insurance companies reimburse 80% to 90% of the submitted claim costs.

Pet owners, if given unlimited financial aid will truly give the best for their pets. This is pretty much the same for our kids and babies – we want give them the utmost love and care that we are willing to maximize whatever we have for them. As much as we would want a medical insurance for ourselves and our families, we want the same for our dogs which are also not different from us as we treat them as part of the family. This is not an advertisement of any pet healthcare insurance company. This mainly just tells you how important a pet healthcare insurance is for a better quality of life you can give to your beloved pets.

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