Goldie and Katie: In Purr-fect Harmony

Dogs and cats are expected not to tolerate one another. That’s just the way they are made and their “I can’t bear being with you” attitude towards each other is like a fact everybody has accepted. When they are left in the same room – especially the ones which are not used seeing another species, expect heavy brawling and a lot of broken furniture. This may be what we know; but this hate relationship doesn’t happen all the time. There are rare cases where dogs and cats do really get along at the point that they look after each other that it look weird – but sweet. One such case is Goldie and Katie.


Goldie and Katie were discovered by an animal control officer in a deep embankment behind a home depot in South Carolina. Though Goldie didn’t really look like she has been through a lot with her untangled and groomed coat, Michelle Smith, the animal control officer was still surprised upon seeing the Shih Tzu. Goldie was protecting a little kitten and even doting on the purr-ball. The Shih Tzu was so protective of the baby cat that when Katie moves away from her, she would stand up and grab Katie by the scruff to keep the kitten under her wing. When the duo was taken to a vet, it was found out that Golide may be around 5 years old while Katie is still 5 weeks old. Even if they are obviously not alike, they have a harmonious relationship where Goldie plays the mom while Katie joyfully accepts the role of being her pup. Goldie is even producing milk for the kitten! This can be blamed on the hormone oxytocin which is produced upon stimulation of suckling reflex and leads to pseudopregnancy where the body of animal “thinks” it is pregnant. This can be corrected by hormone treatment and management.


Now that Goldie and Katie are rescued from the bushes and under the care of an animal shelter, they still had to be put up for adoption. And ofcourse, one cannot live without the other so when Goldie was adopted, Katie had to come with her. This had no problems with the new owner who even found the relationship cute and unique. Talking about unconditional love that transcends species!


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