Girl/Female Dog Names

Popular Female Dog Names
Unlike male dogs, female dogs are usually named after people. This isn’t always the case as some names represent culture, fashion, and humor but most female dogs are named after someone in pop culture.

One of the most popular ways of picking female dog names is by using a favorite fictional heroine. Is there a female character that you strongly relate to? Chances are that her name is a great name for your new puppy or dog. Some of the most common names in this category include: Bella, Athena, Anna, Elsa, Scarlet, Dorothy, and Heidi.

Another way many people choose a name for their female dog is using the names of celebrities. Any actress or singer that you admire is a good start. There are too many names to list here, and we don’t want leave out your favorite celebrity. Try to pick the on that you think best represents your personality or interests.


Historical figures are also popular. Joan of Arc, Anastasia, Anne Boleyn, Marie Antoinette, Queen Elizabeth, and Princess Diana are just a few of the historical figures that people name their dogs after.

Famous dogs such as Lady from Lady and the Tramp, Lassie, and Blue from Blue’s Clues also make good names. Unfortunately, this category is limited due to the fact that most famous fictional dogs are male.

Because they are usually based on pop culture the most popular names for female dogs change much quicker than those of male dogs. One thing that does remain constant is that most of them end in -y or -ie such as: Dolly, Molly, Maggie, and Sophie… etc. It’s uncommon for one of these to hold the top spot but they almost always dominate the top 20.

Pick the name that reflects both you and your dog’s personality and enjoy your new companion!
Here are the 10 most popular female dog names for 2013 according to VIP Pet Insurance.

1. Bella

2. Lucy

3. Bailey

4. Daisy

5. Lily

6. Molly

7. Lola

8. Maggie

9. Sadie

10. Chloe



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