George and His Love for Football

Football is one of the most loved sports in the USA. People are clamoring and excitedly watch everytime there is a national game to be held. The National Football League (NFL) organizes games annually where every American gets to see and enjoy the live tackling and ball grabbing action of this old but popular sport. As we watch the game on our television at home, we cannot stop other members of the family to come and sit with us as NFL is truly exciting to watch. And sometimes, even four-footed household affiliates come by and watch.

This is George, a Golden Retriever who is a die-hard fan of NFL. Do not underestimate George’s love for football; because he doesn’t want anything to see on the television except the football combat action. Captured on this amusing video, George is patiently sitting down infront of the flat screen television as if waiting for a good old movie to watch. Even though we expect him to enjoy Homeward Bound, Beethoven or Lassie type of movies, this Golden Ret has his eyes only on football. Watch as his owner tries to change channels and when the channel passes by the NFL coverage, George literally jumps up in the air and starts barking like crazy. He even dropped his toy when the channel was switched back to NFL. Clearly, this canine is a fan – maybe even more devoted than his owner.
Retrievers belong to the sporting dog category because aside from their keen sense of smell and intelligence, they have durable and powerful bodies which can be used for search and rescue – literally for ‘retrieving’ something. These dogs can swim very well and do very well in chasing and running fast. However, George seems to prefer other body bumping action than going out and retrieving something. This dog definitely deserves a ticket to the live games. Imagine how much more he will get excited when he sees everything live in action – in his NFL cap and embroidered football uniform. I bet he’ll die just to get autographs.

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