Duke, the Canine Mayor

We call dogs man’s best friend for a reason – because there is an undeniable connection between humans and these animals. There seems to be an unexplainable bond that instantly connects us and them. We treat and love them as family and we also receive the same affection and love from them. Such a sweet relationship, isn’t it? But what if the relationship turned the other way around? What if the dog becomes the leader and we humans, become the follower? This is what just recently happened in the small town of Cormorant in Minnesota.

Cormorant just welcomed its new mayor this week and he is not standing on two legs, but four. He is a seven year old Great Pyrenees which is owned by one of the residents in the town. It was said that he officially won the 5 week town election through a landslide victory against Richard Sherbrook, the owner of a local store in Cormorant. Actually, Mr. Sherbrook’s didn’t even reach half of what Duke received. The people Cormorant each paid a dollar to vote for Duke and in the end, the big canine won by 12 votes. So much worth for twelve dollars, right?

Aside from now being the mayor, Duke is also usually seen patrolling the town guarding houses and establishments. He also has duties in ensuring that people don’t go driving past the speed limit. This dog can tell if a driver needs to be reprimanded for over speeding. This just proves that dogs are not just pets nowadays; they are capable of human tasks and responsibilities given proper training and preparation.

Now that Mayor Duke has an additional responsibility, the town honors him by preparing a year of kibble supply as part of Duke’s salary. This will be sponsored by the local town pet store. Since Duke will be the official honorary town mayor this Saturday, he is also treated to a five hour grooming session and given a brand new outfit for the ceremony. Hank, a Maine Coon, on the other hand ran for the US Senate in Virginia last 2012 and managed to get more than 6,000 votes!

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