Dogs and Snake Bites

Snake bites are always emergency cases. No matter how little you think the bite or scratch is, it is important to keep your common sense running. Going into a panic attack will never help. It might endanger your pet further, or even worse, you yourself. So what if you find your cute little furlove near a coiled, sinister serpent? What would you do? And what can you do to avoid these dangerous encounters? Here are some things to keep in mind.
Should you find you dog in this deadly situation, first thing is to stay calm, but be very alert. The snake is most probably nearby and havent gotten that far away. Check the surroundings and if you feel that it’s safe. Get to your dog immediately and look for the bite wound. If you find it near the neck, remove the collar. And immediately go to see a veterinarian. Even if your pet is looking fine, it is still best to consult the vet. Snake bites normally look like two puncture wounds placed side by side and swelling. The area is painful and if the wound has been there for a while, you might observe darkening if the same area. Low blood pressure and temperature, with chills and seizures may also be seen. Trying to attend to the wound by applying cold packs, wound treatment medications, sucking the venon out and the likes will only waste time and win’t help you in saving your dog’s life. Alwats prioritize your safety above everything. To avoid running into this snakey situation, refrain from walking your dog in open areas with tall grasses, shrubs and rocks. Avoid pathways covered by vines and other creeping type plants. Also, clean your backyard – especially food materials thats rats might love, as this will invite uninvited snake visitors to your household. It is also important that you familiarize yourself with the common snakes in your area, so as you know how to handle and deal with them when the situation calls. If you think that your area is snake prone, always keep your dog on a leash and accompany him during walks and toilet duties. Take care!

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