Dog Poo DNA Testing

For most people, dog poo is just a big pile of rubbish – bacteria, humus and a lot of unwanted materials of a canine’s body. As pet owners, it is our responsibility to look after our dog and take care of his or her stools when our dogs leave them in supposedly poop-free areas. Non-attendance to your dog’s poo can get you in trouble. In the London borough of Barking and Dagenham, not cleaning up of dog poo is considered a serious offense and Darren Rodwell, leader of Barking and Dagenham’s council is up to the challenge in searching the offending party – under the public space protection order (PSPO).
The borough’s council tied up with StreetKleen, a laboratory company which have obtained the license of using the dog poo DNA technology. Barking and Dagenham has currently 18,000 dogs living within the community and by this month, all pet owners are mandated to have their dog registered. Initial testing will be charged £30 per dog and following DNA matching will be £70. It may look costly but the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), The Kennel Club and local stakeholders have agreed that DNA poo testing will greatly improve cleanliness and promote respect and compliance to the PSPO. Streetkleen is not only looking at Barking and Dagenham to where they will exhaust this new technology, but to all of UK. The Pooprints Technology started in Tennessee and facilitated by BioPet Vet Lab. It is currently recognized as one of the laboratories with the fastest processing techniques in dog paternity testing. Rodwell admits that the road to getting all the canine information will get sticky, but with the proper and efficient disposal of information, he expects pet owners will understand and take time to microchip their pets. Whether you are in the Uk or not, this news will surely strike at your pet handling lifestyle. The next time you get tempted to leave your dog’s poo behind, better think twice – Pooprints technology can send you to a regretful situation. And that is something your pooping pooch won’t also love.

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