Dog Diet: Brewer’s Yeast

There are a wide variety of choices when it come to food supplements for dogs. One supplement can come in many forms from different brands and sometimes you might find the options overwhelming. But do we really understand how these doggie food supplements affect our pet’s system? Or is it enough that we just rely on the bottle label and information? One of the most common canine supplement is Brewer’s Yeast – and this article will tell us how it does its magic.
Brewer’s Yeast normally comes with a garlic flavor or combination. The mixture is done to make the supplement more aromatic and palatable to dogs. Remember that dogs don’t rely much on their taste buds as they have only few. These animals greatly depend on smell to recognize food from non-food. Garlic, on the other hand enhances the smell of brewer’s yeast. Just like onion, garlic can also cause toxic anemic effects on dogs – but to a much lesser degree and when given only in very large amounts. If combined only in food supplements, the garlic is harmless. Brewer’s Yeast is a by-product of beer making and obtained during the brewing process. This special “yeast”, is mainly used for its immune boosting effects, skin and coat repair and maintenance, and as tick, flea and mosquito repellants. Another not so known beneficial effect is the replacement Vitamin B loss in highly stressed animals. Enough supply of Vitamin B controls the release of epinephrine and adrenaline, two hormones that induces anxiety. Furthermore, brewer’s yeast also controls the pH of urine where it serves as an acidifier in cases of urinary tract infections, crystals or stone formation, and high sugar-high carb dieted dogs. It can also control cholesterol and fat absorption in the body, and is usually given in overweight and obese dogs for weight loss and maintenance. It can also be used in dogs with kennel cough as it can serve as an expectorant to release the clogged mucus out of the respiratory tract. Lastly, if your dog has been exhibiting a strong “pungent dog smell”, brewer’s yeast can help control and reduce this strong odor.

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