Dog Bite Care

If you plan to take care and keep a dog, one of the things you should inform yourself is the proper way of dealing with a dog bite. This is a very painful experience and you will really have to make sure that the wound will heal in a continuously clean environment. It is also vital to monitor the dog after the biting incident to make sure of that no contagious disease has been passed onto the person bitten. Even though our pets can look harmless and cuddly most of the time, we still have to keep in mind that these are animals and they have an innate instinct to bite.
When one gets bitten by a dog, the instant reaction is to pull the arm towards himself. However, if the dog wouldn’t let go of your hand or leg, do not fight and pull. This will only extend the wound longer. The best way is to find something that will distract your dog and will make him open his mouth. Furthermore, the wound made by a dog bite are considered as puncture wound – meaning they are deep and straight. They may look small on the surface but they go in deep past the skin onto the muscle. Muscles do heal; but they need a longer time compared to the skin. Proper wound cleaning is a must in this case. First, clean the wound and its surroundings using distilled water and an antibacterial soap. Apply hydrogen peroxide and povidone iodine onto the wound bed to facilitate faster apposition and healing. You can also apply an antibacterial ointment within the wound edges to make sure no contamination will occur. Do this for two weeks. After the bite and wound cleaning, visit a bite center or any health professional for a thorough check up where tests can be done. If the bleeding cannot be controlled, place a clean towel on the wound and wrap it around to induce pressure. You can also place a torniquet proximal to the bite to prevent the rush of too much blood. Try to stay awake and alert during your trip to the emergency room.
When dealing with emergencies, always remember to be aware and do not let panic take over you. And of course, learn the basics of canine behavior so you understand how to control and manage a dog’s temper.

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