Cooper Counting Kibbles

Cooper is one smart Shih Tzu which has a whole website dedicated to hit wit and talent. He can play with the shape sorter by placing the shapes in their right holes and he can also press the buttons labeled with food items to tell what treat should be given to him.

Cooper really has the intellect but he is not stopping to impress us with his abilities. In this video, Cooper shows us that he is also a mathematician. A lot of people may hate math at school but Cooper is up for the challenge. He can actually count how many kibbles are placed in front of him and tell his owner the exact number by pressing the numbered buttons. This dog will not only amaze you, but he also shows that dogs are smart animals and given proper training, these animals can surely match a toddler’s intellect.
According to Cooper’s owner, the use of talking buttons is better than just using labeled tiles because talking button instantly give feedback to the dog. This helps the dog in retention of the label and associated number of kibbles. Before training, Cooper must first learn to wait and not munch on the kibbles while his owner is preparing them. This entails perseverance, patience and a lot of positive reinforcement; but once he already gets the scenario, the proceeding training is already easier. It starts with only 1 and 2 as numbers and the owner would point to the number for the corresponding number of treats. Once he gets it right, Cooper gets all the treats. If he gets it wrong, the process is repeated until he gets the number right. As the training progressed, pointing is removed, the buttons are shuffled and the owner falls silent on command. This will ensure that Cooper really understands what he should perform.
It is impossible not get impressed by Cooper. This dog is an inspiration not only to pet lovers but also to pet trainers. Dogs, especially Shih Tzu’s got it; and when they are paired with an owner who is persistent and hands on, the product is an amazing genius canine.

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