Cooper Communicating Using Buttons

Dogs and human understanding have been one of the most interesting facts on this world. We seem have so much in common in terms of perception and feelings that even if we both look very different, we get along so well. Truly, being called the man’s best friend is the best title for these special animals.

The ability to be trained according to humans’ needs and point of view are the main reasons why dogs can jive to our lifestyle. In this short chip, Cooper, a very talented Shih Tzu shows off his superb intellect as he tries to press the different buttons corresponding to the three different treats given to him. He is trained to press the talking button with the corresponding picture to each. One correct press, he earns one treat.
It amazing to see Cooper knows what talking button to press for every treat. According to his owner, she tries to rearrange the buttons once in a while to check if Cooper is really learning the meaning of each button and not just memorizing the arrangement. In training, it is important to associate the verbal cues to the treat and make it clear with your dog. The recorded voice on the talking button and the verbal commands from the owner aids Cooper on what button to press and what treat to get. Cooper also knows when to stop and understand the words, “Cooper, wait!” as his owner prepares his next treats. Check out this impressive video.

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