How to Control Dog Barking?

Barking is a behavior that is natural for a dog. This cannot be totally stopped. It becomes a bad behavior when this is done excessively and becomes annoying. Usually excessive barking is done by dogs that are left by owners alone. With no one to control them, they bark frequently because they have taken this action as their hobby.

Stop Dog Barking

Realize that loneliness, boredom, frustrations or fear can cause the dog to bark excessively. These situations can be alleviated with your help. Here are some ways to control dog barking.

Spend some time playing with, exercising and training your dog. If he is well exercised, he is likely to just sleep when you are away.

Having a large yard does not mean that your dog is well exercised. Dashing around the yard is not exercising; make him run around the yard. Give your dog special chew toys or a digging pit and other things that will keep him occupied.

Train your doggy on obedience; it is a good mental exercise. Some tricks such as come here, sit, heel, down, stay are enjoyable for your dog. When he obeys, give him praise and treats.

Let your dog walk around outside as a “social exercise”. He needs this especially if he spends most of the time in your back yard. Walking around the neighborhood will allow him to investigate the smells, sounds and other things new to him.

When you get home, bring him into the house to make him feel that he is a part of the family.

Take your doggy to the same park every day or every week to make friends with other dogs. Your pet is a social animal and needs companionship and doggy friends. After romping around and playing, he will get tired and sleep happily, instead of barking annoyingly.

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