Puppy/Dog Training

Preventing Separation Anxiety In Dogs

Dogs suffering from separation anxieties are usually insecure, stressed and nervous whenever they are left alone. Even if they do not have this behavior problem now, they might acquire it in the future, due to some life events. Here are … Read More

Stop Dog Barking

How To Stop Dog Barking

Dog barking is an innate behavior observed in dogs which stems from a variety of psychological reasons. Dogs cannot talk and their main manner of communication is through smelling, tail wagging and barking. Though barking is normally observed in dogs, … Read More

How to Stop Dog Jumping

Controlling Overly Excited Jumping Dogs: The Explanation and Solution After a day, we are always excited to go home and be greeted by our furry friends. It is such a joy when our little buddies welcome us with their wagging … Read More

How To Choose a Dog Trainer

Go to the pet services section on Craigslist and you will see that there are plenty of people who call themselves expert trainers or sitters. Because there is no licensing needed to run one of these businesses it is difficult to know whom to … Read More

How to Get Your Dog to Settle Down?

How to Get Your Dog to Settle Down?   Anxiety, over-excitement and hyper dog behavior can cause a heightened amount of fear, nervousness and even frustration. Some causes include loud noise, being left alone, new situations, boredom and lack of … Read More

Dog Doesn’t Listen?

The Fastest Way to Teach Your Dog to Listen and Learn From You   Dogs, especially those that are still very young or those who have had previous owners, may not listen and come when you call or learn what … Read More