Puppy/Dog Training


Why Do Dogs End Up In Shelter Homes?

Some of us may not easily understand owners who leave their pets in animal shelters. It may be difficult to understand and oftentimes we accuse the owner of irresponsibility and lack of care. This may be the case in some … Read More

Anti Social Dog

Signs of an Anti-Social Dog

Canines are naturally social creatures. Humans love them for this trait and that makes them the best pets. However, there are cases when a dog doesn’t do well in socialization settings. Whether it is with you as the owner or … Read More

Dog Obedience Training Tips

Training your dog for obedience requires that you have an effective communication open with your pet. Through communication, you can tell your doggie what you want him to do. You can tell him “stay” when you mean that he should … Read More

How To Potty Train Your Dog

Potty training a dog can be done at any age. However, puppies can learn more easily, so if you have a puppy, don’t wait until he’s grown up before training him. Here are 8 tips that can help you teach … Read More

How to Socialize Your Puppy

At age 3 to 12 weeks, your pup should be taught how to socialize. It is at this age that he is most receptive to new experiences. This means that you’ll help him learn how to be a part of … Read More