Puppy/Dog Training

Cooper the Shih Tzu Learns Another Trick

Last year, we showed you Cooper, the cute and talented Shih Tzu with a seemingly infinite capacity to learn tricks. Cooper shows us just how smart and trainable Shih Tzus can be. I recently came across another Cooper video, this one … Read More

How to control destructive chewing?

Chewing is an integral part of the canine behavior. These animals use their mouth for many tasks because they don’t have any hands nor fingers. The oral cavity functions as a limb for holding, carrying, pulling and at the same … Read More

Teach a Dog to Sit

How to teach a dog to sit?

When a dog knows how to perform basic commands such as sit, come, stay, and down, it is always a joy in every pet owner’s eyes. To show off? Maybe. But the main thing that an obedient dog shows is … Read More

Walking A Puppy

Walking A New Puppy

Having a puppy is like having a kid to take care of. These little beings are lively, energetic and playful that they would always prefer to run around, jump, chew on things or simply just place a lot of kisses … Read More

Walking Dogs In Snow

Walking Your Dog on Snow

Wintertime is probably one of the challenging situations for you and your dog. Unless you have a breed suited for this type of weather, problems will be minimal. But if you have a dog with a shot coat and thin … Read More