Funny Dog Videos

A Choreography Like No Other

Apart from all the other creatures in the animal kingdom, dogs are the highly trainable ones. No wonder they are being tagged as “man’s best friend” because in the everyday lives of humans, dogs will always be a part of. … Read More

Baron: The Dish-washing Dog

Dogs can be really helpful especially with the daily chores in the house. These animals are generally smart and have brains which can be easily molded into our lifestyle. They love us and we love them back – which is … Read More

Milo’s Trick or Treat Looks

It may not be the season of Trick or Treat but some videos are just worth watching. Here goes Milo again, our cute little Maltese who has a lot of fans all over the world. Obviously, he is no ordinary … Read More

Milo’s Birthday

There are people who believe that dogs should not be treated like kids or humans because to start with, they do not belong to the Homo sapiens species. They say that doing so can confuse a dog and lead to … Read More