Funny Dog Videos

Magic for Dogs: Watch Dogs’ Reactions to Magic Tricks

Courtesy of Reddit and Imgur, here are some animated gifs featuring dogs’ reactions to magic. It really illustrates that dogs have certain expectations about reality, and are appropriately confused when those expectations aren’t met. Especially interesting is the “floating wiener” trick at the bottom … Read More

Cooper the Shih Tzu Learns Another Trick

Last year, we showed you Cooper, the cute and talented Shih Tzu with a seemingly infinite capacity to learn tricks. Cooper shows us just how smart and trainable Shih Tzus can be. I recently came across another Cooper video, this one … Read More

Did Shih Tzus inspire the Ewoks from Star Wars?

Many Shih Tzu fans have notice the resemblance between their favorite breed and the characters known as Ewoks from the Star Wars franchise, which made their appearance in Return of the Jedi. According to George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, the design … Read More

3 Week Old Bulldog Tries to Walk

This video shows tiny, three-week old Tebow learning how to walk and bark. Tebow is still working on his lower body strength, so he ends up dragging himself quite a bit. He’s certainly determined though. His bark sounds less dog-like and more bird-like, but he … Read More