Dog News

John Legend Serenades A Dog Wedding

When you’ve got a singer for an owner, you surely are in for some croon-y song treats. These two bulldogs, Puddy and Pippa were given the ultimate treat by their award winning Grammy owner, no other than Mr. John Legend … Read More

Your Home Design and Your Dog

Dogs are not just pets. They are practically family which are entitled to most of the benefits and perks of being members of the household – sometimes they even get better benefits than us! As part of the kin, it … Read More

Your Will and Your Dog

Our dogs are not just pets to our eyes. They belong to our family and are treated as members of the household. They are not properties or belongings, they are live breathing individuals who are capable of affection and receiving … Read More

Understanding the Alpha Attitude

Dogs, having descended from wolves have a tendency to show assertive and domineering personalities no matter how gentle, sweet and domesticated they are. It is in their genes to exhibit such behavior because they needed this in the wild to … Read More

Gnarly and Casey: Crime Buddies

Dogs never fail to surprise us. Whatever they do – may it be a funny expression, talking talents and wacky bloopers, these animals will never get tired of amusing us. As smart as they are, they know how to outsmart … Read More