Dog Health

Dog Eating Poop

Dogs eating their poop may be the weirdest thing in the world but it really does happen. This behavior is called coprophagy and is commonly seen in animals. It can be considered a behavioral problem when the animal does it … Read More

Dealing With A Picky Eater Dog

Picky eater dogs are headaches of their owners. Aside from worrying, owners tend to go crazy over this simple behavior problem that can stem from a wide range of reasons from the simplest to the most dangerous. If ever a … Read More

Newborn Puppy Resuscitation Techniques

Whelping, or puppy birth is always an exciting event in a pet owner’s life. However, if you are not prepared for what’s to come, it may be a stressful and frustrating event for you. A dog’s pregnancy stage usually lasts … Read More

Puppy Exercise Requirements

Exercise is a vital part of an animal’s health and stamina. No matter how busy you are, always make it a point that your pup gets his daily dose of body bumping and energy expenditure. You may take him for … Read More

is flu contagious to dogs

Is Flu Contagious To Dogs

Just like humans, dog can also catch the flu – only they have their own version known as the Canine Influenza virus or the H3N8. It is a highly contagious respiratory infection that is usually acquired during exposure to an … Read More

How To Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

We all know that there are toothbrushes and toothpaste which are available in pet stores. We know that brushing our pet’s teeth will greatly reduce the plaque, tartar and calculi build up on his or her teeth. Doing so will … Read More