Dog Health

Dogs and Snake Bites

Snake bites are always emergency cases. No matter how little you think the bite or scratch is, it is important to keep your common sense running. Going into a panic attack will never help. It might endanger your pet further, … Read More

Dog Diet: Brewer’s Yeast

There are a wide variety of choices when it come to food supplements for dogs. One supplement can come in many forms from different brands and sometimes you might find the options overwhelming. But do we really understand how these … Read More

Top Poisoning Culprits in Dogs

Dogs are curious animals. Being born with highly sensitive scent glands, dogs are bound to explore the world. This special ability helps them to survive and look for food as their eyesight are not as developed as ours. Unlike humans … Read More

Do Dogs Get Depressed?

There are a lot of similarities between humans and dogs, and such is the real reason why we get along with them so well. We may have different ancestors and our genetic make up are poles apart, but dogs and … Read More

How to Pick The Healthiest Puppy

One of the most common questions during scouting for the perfect pet is “What is the healthiest dog breed?” Honestly, no one – even Cesar Millan himself, cannot give a definite answer to that question. Health cannot be fully equated … Read More

Understanding Hip Problems

Limping is the most common musculoskeletal clinical signs in dogs. Usually, this is observed on the hind part of the body specifically on the hips. If your dog is walking a bit strange or is exhibiting pain when standing up, … Read More