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Best Guard Dog Breed

Best Guard Dog Breed

People get pet dogs not only for companionship but also for protection. Dogs have a keen sense of smell and protective instincts that makes them good lookouts and guardians. Whenever there are intruders around the house or aggression posted against … Read More

The Greatness of Great Danes – Zeus

Great Danes are one of the most interesting dog breeds in the world. Being the tallest among the canine species, the attention their human owners get whenever they are being walked around is most always definite. Though as humongous their … Read More

Best Family Dog Breeds

Dependable companion. Ultimate buddy. Man’s best friend. Dogs are wonderful animals which seem to exist to be our consistent pals and comrades. Doing well with people as they are members of a pack, these are 5 breeds that are topnotch … Read More

The Hypoallergenic Breed Myth?

There a many people out there that love animals but suffer from pet allergies. At some point someone decided that this was untapped market and decided to label certain breeds as Hypoallergenic.   People with dog allergies are allergic to proteins in the … Read More

Sulimov dogs

The Sulimov Breed

I Bet You’ve Never Heard Of This Breed What dog breed has the best sense of smell? If you said Bloodhounds, Basset Hounds, or Beagles you’re not alone. Almost every list on the Internet has those three breeds at the … Read More

Small Dog Breeds

The following is a comprehensive breakdown of the American Kennel Club’s top 10 small dog breeds. 1. Yorkshire Terrier • Temperament: Yorkshire Terriers, or Yorkies as they are commonly known, are bold and often stubborn little dogs. Like many small … Read More