Dog Breeds

Did Shih Tzus inspire the Ewoks from Star Wars?

Many Shih Tzu fans have notice the resemblance between their favorite breed and the characters known as Ewoks from the Star Wars franchise, which made their appearance in Return of the Jedi. According to George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, the design … Read More

The Special Sharpei

The word Sharpei literally means “sandy coat” because of their unique skin. When you touch a Sharpei’s skin, it feels rough and coarse. That’s why it is important to check for allergies first before getting a dog of this breed. … Read More

The Misunderstood Pit Bulls

Pit Bulls have been labeled as one of the fiercest, if not the most, and scariest of all the existing dog breeds today. When one encounters a Pit Bull, a person would always sneak away or avoid any contact with … Read More