Boy/Male Dog Names

 Popular Male Dog Names


So you’ve finally found the perfect male dog to add to your family. While the search is half of the fun, picking the perfect name is the other. Remember to keep the process fun for the entire family by picking a name that represents all of you.


If the dog is for a child, help them pick the name. For many children this is one of the first “big decisions” that they will make. Try to guide them away from anything that is too age-specific. Remember that your child’s interests will change quickly as they grow and while they may think Optimus Prime is a great name now, they might regret it later.


Although we don’t admit it choosing a dog’s name is just as, if not more fun for adults. There is nothing wrong with common names like Brownie and Fluffy but many of us like to choose names that are more reflective of our personalities.


One of the most common ways of picking choosing one that relates to our hobbies.


If you like riding motorcycles then Harley is a great name for your new road warrior.


Outdoor enthusiasts hit their favorite hiking trails with their rugged pals Denali and Montana.


Are you and avid sports fan? Names like Dale Jr., Jeter, and Renaldo let everyone know where your allegiance lies.


Science and nerd culture have become very popular in the last two decades and how better to reflect you inner geek than by heading to the dog park with Tyrion, Darwin, and Tesla.


Comedy is another way to express yourself through your dog. A wacky name like Biscuit will let everyone know that you don’t take things too seriously.



As always, keep it fun and enjoy your new companion. Here are the 10 most popular male dog names for 2013 according to VIP Pet Insurance.


  1. Max
  2. Charlie
  3. Buddy
  4. Jack
  5. Cooper
  6. Rocky
  7. Riley
  8. Toby
  9. Bear
  10. Harley

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