Best Guard Dog Breed

People get pet dogs not only for companionship but also for protection. Dogs have a keen sense of smell and protective instincts that makes them good lookouts and guardians. Whenever there are intruders around the house or aggression posted against us, dogs function as our security blanket. Though it is but natural for dogs to protect their owners, one special breed is created solely for the purpose of defending and looking after its human and his properties, the number one guard dog breed in the world – the bullmastiff.

The bullmastiff is quite intimidating. It is a stocky muscled breed which can grow up to 27 inches in height and weigh up to 150 pounds. With a short dark colored muzzle and jaws that can crush bones, bullmastiffs usually pounces upon its prey and rarely bites. They are self assured and independently trained canines that rarely bark. As much as their looks can scare you, bullmastiffs are docile at heart which makes them wonderful family dogs. Though they can be hard headed and stubborn, they are trainable – which is highly recommended during puppyhood. You wouldn’t want an on the loose, uncontrollable four-footed giant around your house when the time comes, right? Training is needed to assert authority as these dogs crave human leadership that’s why they work well with packs and with people. They do not need to be trained to guard since this instinct comes naturally for them. Intruders, burglars and trespassers that may provoke this instinct are surely in for a pound per pound tackling. Since they do not bite, they will just pin the stranger down until help comes. Bullmastiffs may be pretty scary, but they are very affectionate creatures. One thing not good about it? The drooling river of saliva for every smooch and kiss. They are people friendly and love human attention – especially children’s. They are also prone to snoring and snorting due to their short muzzle.

Best Guard Dog Breed

Bullmastiffs originally came from Britain where they were bred to track, take down and tackle poachers to protect the gamemasters. Actually, they were bred for pouncing and intimidation and not for killing and aggression that makes them the best guard dogs. Bullmastiffs got their stockiness from its bulldog descent while the height, though bullmastiffs are smaller, from the mastiff. It took breeders three generations of crossbreeding before the breed was accepted into the canine breed registry. Though unlike other guard dogs, bullmastiffs doesn’t live as long. They can only live until 7-8 years in the average.

Nowadays, bullmastiffs are kept as pets and guard dogs especially of families with children. They don’t really need a big space since they can deal with apartments or lofts. Also, bullmastiffs are not very active and just prefer to sit around and stand on guard by their owners. For a person or family that needs a highly daunting guard dog which doesn’t demand so much space, energy and exercise, these calm, docile and gentle Bullmastiff giants may be the best for you.

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